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Can Blockchain Technologies Democratize the Energy Sector? The Case of Lition

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a fascinating article titled, “Ethereum Energy Project Now Powers 700 Households in 10 Cities” which briefly details the beginning operations of a “peer to peer” energy trading platform.

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From DIY Bitcoin Mines to Energy Guzzlers



Cryptocurrencies are the hot topic at the moment and many are trying to get their fair share of the profits. Mining cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoins, has become a lucrative business, since the blockchain technology on which they are built on require a verification of transaction through a network of people, or, miners.… Read More

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CSR in Malaysia

History of CSR:

  • CSR in Malaysia began in the form of small contributions which was traditionally driven by religions and racial motivations.
  • Multinational companies and businesses influenced by the west began to make corporate contributions
  • The Malaysian government has gradually increased its focus on CSR, creating frameworks for implementation of CSR initiatives for the country’s businesses
    • For example, the CSR Silver Book launched by the government-linked company (GLC) transformation programme, which provides firms with scorecards and guidelines to measure CSR ideas and to measure the effectiveness of corporate CSR policies.
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Resource Card : Uranium

Principal region of extraction : Canada, US, Russia, Australia, Kazakhstan, Niger, Namibia









Method of extraction : in 2012

  • in-situ leach (44.9%)
  • Underground mining (26.2%)
  • Open pit (19.9%)
  • Heap leaching (1.7%)
  • Recovering from seawater (residual)

Stakeholders : Producing States, Multinationals (see map above), States using uranium to produce electricity (see map below), miners, local populations, some NGOs, supranational organs (UN, EU…)…









Key issues :

  • Health risks of uranium mining : lung cancer
  • Need for clean-up efforts
  • Environmental effects : impact on surface water quality and quantity, groundwater quantity and quality, soils, air quality and biota
  • Management of waste and its environmental consequences
  • Industrial accidents (Chernobyl, Fukushima…)
  • Distribution of income

Exchange rate : NYMEX : 24.40 USD (-2.40%)… Read More

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Finland, the new lithium powerhouse?

Article from The Academy of Finland

Lithium is in high demand all over the world. Now mining for the valuable metal is about to start in Finland.

There are only very few places where lithium is enriched to levels that allow for commercially viable production.… Read More

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Turkish Stream: a New Ambition?

Turkish Stream Pipeline Project is the successor of the canceled South Stream Pipeline Project. After Turkey downed Russian fighter jet, the relations between Turkey and Russia were strained. However, with the apology coming from Turkey, the landscape was about to change.… Read More

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Deep geological depositary: from global extractions to global insertions ?

What is it?

Geological disposal involves isolating radioactive waste deep inside a suitable rock volume to ensure that no harmful quantities of radioactivity ever reach the surface environment. The waste is contained inside multiple barriers to provide protection over hundreds of thousands of years.… Read More

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The Magical State Meets the Magical Currency: What would Coronil have to say?

President Maduro just announced a cryptocurrency to be backed by the Venezuelan oil, gold, and diamonds reserves. The act was justified as a way of overcoming American financial blockades and stop American attempts of ending socialism in Latin America.… Read More

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The Blockchain in Business Transactions : the Roadblocks to the Chain

More and more slogans coming from oil and gas, technology companies or even consulting firms, are singing the praises of the blockchain technology and how it will disrupt the business as we know it today.… Read More