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Resource Card : Uranium

Principal region of extraction : Canada, US, Russia, Australia, Kazakhstan, Niger, Namibia









Method of extraction : in 2012

  • in-situ leach (44.9%)
  • Underground mining (26.2%)
  • Open pit (19.9%)
  • Heap leaching (1.7%)
  • Recovering from seawater (residual)

Stakeholders : Producing States, Multinationals (see map above), States using uranium to produce electricity (see map below), miners, local populations, some NGOs, supranational organs (UN, EU…)…









Key issues :

  • Health risks of uranium mining : lung cancer
  • Need for clean-up efforts
  • Environmental effects : impact on surface water quality and quantity, groundwater quantity and quality, soils, air quality and biota
  • Management of waste and its environmental consequences
  • Industrial accidents (Chernobyl, Fukushima…)
  • Distribution of income

Exchange rate : NYMEX : 24.40 USD (-2.40%)… Read More

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