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How Can Technologies Attenuate the Environmental Impacts of Lithium Extraction?

Lithium, a commodity of the green economy


In this green economy era, lithium has become the symbol of a new consumption paradigm, more ecofriendly and less impactful for the environment.… Read More

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Role of Contingent Valuation in the Future of Deep Sea Mining

Overview of Deep Sea Mining:

Deep Sea Mining (DSM) is one of the “new extraction frontiers” likely to occur in the near future. DSM is the extraction of minerals from under the seabed, usually 500 meters below sea level.Read More

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Corporate Social Responsibility, a General Overview


The term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) appeared more than 50 years ago in Howard Bowen’s publication: Social Responsibilities of the Businessmen (1953). The term has evolved for years, but there is an overall understanding among scholars that CSR is the result of the moral obligation that companies have within the society in which they operate.Read More

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Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues Matter


Due to time constraints, I could not elaborate more on the facets of multi-stakeholder dialogues in my group presentation. Because of this reason and out of my belief that this is an important approach for managing and mitigating conflicts caused by extraction projects which has been rapidly developed and embraced in recent years, I would like to present my research finding on this subject matter here.… Read More

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CSR in the Solomon Islands

History of CSR:

A quick search reveals there is little to no CSR currently active in the Solomon Islands. Some activity has been seen via international companies, but otherwise CSR is almost non-existent.… Read More

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CSR in Bangladesh

History of CSR:

  • There is  no  specific  legislation  in  Bangladesh  to  assist  the  regulation  of
  • CSR is gradually being normalised in Bangladesh, with CSR projects moving from the peripheral management by external actors, to the mainstream management within local companies.
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Intro to Shared Value

Intro to Shared Value

Michael Porter, Harvard Business School Professor, and Mark Kramer wrote an article in 1999 called “Philanthropy’s New Agenda: Creating value, which discussed the idea that foundations could truly increase their social impact and adopt strategies aimed at creating value, instead of just pouring grant dollars.… Read More

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The Urgent Need for Groundwater Governance: Role of Local Communities

While the groundwater is drawn to unsustainable levels at a global level, can local communities provide a solution to restore depleting water table? Hiwre Bazar is a model village in India known for its water restoring management.… Read More