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The Uptake of Earth Observations for Environmental Services Assessments

Photographing the earth from space means more to us now than ever before. Space data feeds the increasing number of models, tools, products, and services that have mainly been created for breaching connectivity gaps and preventing natural disasters.… Read More

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Video-Map of Sand Mining and Land Reclamation Sites in Indonesia and Singapore

This video-map starts in Singapore and a map of its land reclamations that increased Singapore by over 20 percent since independence. The Riau islands are shown of which a number already vanished due to sand mining often seen as related to illegal extraction that followed the export ban of sand to Singapore of a number of Southeast Asian countries.Read More

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Sand Mining Locations in India

In India, mining for sand is as valuable as mining for gold. This is due to large-scale urbanization and rapid construction which is the primary industry that this sand is used in.… Read More

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Third-party ESG Rating Agencies on Extractive Companies

By: Qiu Quan Kua
Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria are widely used by investors (investment funds, pension funds, institutional investors etc.) to gauge the operations of their investee companies, and by companies to gauge their own performance.… Read More

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The Phase-Out of Coal in Canada by 2030

Canada co-founded the ‘Powering Past Coal Alliance’ along with the United Kingdom at the United Nations 23rd Session of the Conference of Parties (COP23) to work to phase-out coal globally due to its negative environmental impacts.… Read More

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Mapping tool ‘MapChart’

“Try out your ideas by visualising them [….]”  – David Seabury (American Psychologist)

Dear all, 

I would like to share with you a link to a website where you can create your ‘own’ world map according to your own taste!… Read More

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CSR in Myanmar

History of CSR in Myanmar

  • There is little understanding of the concept of CSR, indicating a need for training
  • CSR is primarily thought of as philanthropy in Myanmar
    • Buddhist influence morally encourages donations of money, goods and services
    • Entrenchment of values encouraging willingness to share
  • CSR is seen as a fashionable concept and is certainly seen as the right thing to do

Legal framework and Initiatives:


  1. Child Labour and Forced Labour
    Child and forced labour are enormous issues in Myanmar.
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The Bridge of Diversity: Inside a Chinese Infrastructure Project in Mozambique

Running for Resources Again?

As industrialization took off in Europe at the 19th Century, Imperialists rushed to Africa to ensure the natural resources necessary for powering the metropole. Violence and deep exploitation followed, completely impeding the development of the African countries.… Read More