Mapping tool ‘MapChart’

“Try out your ideas by visualising them [….]”  – David Seabury (American Psychologist)

Dear all, 

I would like to share with you a link to a website where you can create your ‘own’ world map according to your own taste!

For instance, I created a map that depicts countries mining rare earth elements. I  colour-coded countries according to how many metric tons are mined there.

You find this tool, called MapChart, here

You can choose:

(1) decide whether to focus on country/region/entire world

(2) colour each country individually

(3) add a title and a legend

(4) add country names 

(5) preview, change and download your created map

(6) if you know what you would like to visualise, it just takes you 5minutes! (If you like you can thank them in form  of a donation)

I just attached a photo of the map I created for my final project – just to give you an impression how it might look!

Have fun with MapChart 🙂


Author: GEN