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Presentation: The Australian Lithium Industry’s Success

On 30 October 2019, our team presented at IHEID on the state of the lithium industry in Australia. The presentation included discussions on:

  • Hard rock vs. salt brine lithium extraction and processing methods
  • Lithium processing chain steps
  • Australian national policies contributing to the Australian lithium mining’s success
  • Lithium’s market landscape
  • Lithium’s future

You can access the presentation slides as a PDF here.… Read More

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How Can Technologies Attenuate the Environmental Impacts of Lithium Extraction?

Lithium, a commodity of the green economy


In this green economy era, lithium has become the symbol of a new consumption paradigm, more ecofriendly and less impactful for the environment.… Read More

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Dragon Domination: the Rise of China in Lithium Supply Chain

In 2019, the Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded to Professors Goodenough, Whittingham and Yoshino for developing the lithium-ion battery. The lithium-ion battery is an important leap in mobility, storage, and perhaps human innovation, given that human lives (in urban centres at least) are today centred around electricity.… Read More