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Nord Stream 2: Natural Gas as a Security Threat

The United States recently imposed heavy sanctions against those companies currently involved in the construction of the Nord Stream II pipeline, once again highlighting the important role of Natural Gas in influencing the international political agenda.… Read More

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Post-Auction Impressions of Hierarchies and Secrecy

Some of my peers from the Global Extraction Network course and I went to the Christie’s Geneva evening auction in November and witnessed a spectacle of hierarchies and secrecy that made the evening truly interesting, despite a lack of purchasing power and a looming fear of lifting a hand or finger at the wrong time. Read More

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The use of thorium for nuclear energy production

Nuclear power is the release of energy from the atomic core of radioactive elements, such as uranium, plutonium and thorium. It has military and civil use, with the latter referring to the generation of electricity for civil consumption.… Read More

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Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability: The Colombian Case

Colombia is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of biodiversity, and it is generously endowed with forests, water, and mineral resources. It is considered one of the world’s mega-diverse countries and has abundant renewable and non-renewable resources.

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Social Conflict in the Extractive Sector: Developing Good Security Practices – Impressions of an Event by the UN Business and Human Rights Forum 2017

The Graduate Institute Geneva hosted an event during the 2017 United Nations Business and Human Rights Forum on November 28th under the title „Social Conflict in the Extractive Sector: Developing Good Security Practices“.… Read More

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CSR in Bangladesh

History of CSR:

  • There is  no  specific  legislation  in  Bangladesh  to  assist  the  regulation  of
  • CSR is gradually being normalised in Bangladesh, with CSR projects moving from the peripheral management by external actors, to the mainstream management within local companies.
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Turkish Stream: a New Ambition?

Turkish Stream Pipeline Project is the successor of the canceled South Stream Pipeline Project. After Turkey downed Russian fighter jet, the relations between Turkey and Russia were strained. However, with the apology coming from Turkey, the landscape was about to change.… Read More