Video-Map of Sand Mining and Land Reclamation Sites in Indonesia and Singapore

This video-map starts in Singapore and a map of its land reclamations that increased Singapore by over 20 percent since independence. The Riau islands are shown of which a number already vanished due to sand mining often seen as related to illegal extraction that followed the export ban of sand to Singapore of a number of Southeast Asian countries. The Bay of Jakarta is depicted next with a photo of the planned islands in the shape of the national bird. Afterwards, the video shows the small fishing community around the port Miara Angke that is enduring a number of negative consequences from the development project most significantly the loss of their ability to secure their livelihoods through fisheries. Similarly, the video shows afterwards tha land reclamation project in the Bay of Makassar and then the port and fishing community of Galesong south of Makassar whose shore is one of the extraction points for the sand and vital for the local community. 

By Alexander Pechmann

Author: GEN