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Shale Cowboys – Frontier Economics, Techno-Utopia, and unfettered growth

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River Sand: A Resource under Strain

INDIA’S “sand mafia” is doing a roaring trade. The Times of India estimates that the illicit market for sand is worth around 150bn rupees ($2.3bn) a year; at one site in Tamil Nadu alone, 50,000 lorryloads are mined every day and smuggled to nearby states.… Read More

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The Diamond as Big as Des Bergues

The Diamond as Big as des Bergues.
Erik Post

The Diamond in the Crown. Photograph by author.


Two desks and four security guards flank the lectern in the middle of the podium.… Read More

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The Mines of Trepça & Stories of Men

The Trepça Mines were one of the most flourishing industries in the Yugoslavian Era. Mostly located in Serbia and Kosovo, Trepça employed more than 40’000 employees at the largest, in the mines and associated infrastructures. … Read More