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Venturing the Uncharted: Regulating Fishing in the Arctic Ocean

The 21st Century is rife with narratives of threats and opportunities arising from dramatic climate shifts. Contemporary transfiguration of the Arctic marinescape attest to this trend: for perhaps the first time in 100,000 years, the northern extremities are traversable by deep sea trawlers.… Read More

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Turkish Stream: a New Ambition?

Turkish Stream Pipeline Project is the successor of the canceled South Stream Pipeline Project. After Turkey downed Russian fighter jet, the relations between Turkey and Russia were strained. However, with the apology coming from Turkey, the landscape was about to change.… Read More

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Deep geological depositary: from global extractions to global insertions ?

What is it?

Geological disposal involves isolating radioactive waste deep inside a suitable rock volume to ensure that no harmful quantities of radioactivity ever reach the surface environment. The waste is contained inside multiple barriers to provide protection over hundreds of thousands of years.… Read More

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The Magical State Meets the Magical Currency: What would Coronil have to say?

President Maduro just announced a cryptocurrency to be backed by the Venezuelan oil, gold, and diamonds reserves. The act was justified as a way of overcoming American financial blockades and stop American attempts of ending socialism in Latin America.… Read More

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Controversial Gold Mine in Bergama, Turkey

Goldmine in Bergama is a source of political controversy for long-time but different reasons. Problems began with environmental concerns and followed by “being national” and finally with the financing of terrorism.… Read More

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Shale Cowboys – Frontier Economics, Techno-Utopia, and unfettered growth

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The Diamond as Big as Des Bergues

The Diamond as Big as des Bergues.
Erik Post

The Diamond in the Crown. Photograph by author.


Two desks and four security guards flank the lectern in the middle of the podium.… Read More

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The Mines of Trepça & Stories of Men

The Trepça Mines were one of the most flourishing industries in the Yugoslavian Era. Mostly located in Serbia and Kosovo, Trepça employed more than 40’000 employees at the largest, in the mines and associated infrastructures. … Read More