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Behind the Technicalities of Cryptocurrencies: Smart Contracts and Coinmap


Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more relevant as we see the growth in interest and investment in them. Today the value of Bitcoin went beyond U$11,000, to the surprise of those who were still perplex of it hitting the U$10,000 mark yesterday.… Read More

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Controversial Gold Mine in Bergama, Turkey

Goldmine in Bergama is a source of political controversy for long-time but different reasons. Problems began with environmental concerns and followed by “being national” and finally with the financing of terrorism.… Read More

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The Bridge of Diversity: Inside a Chinese Infrastructure Project in Mozambique

Running for Resources Again?

As industrialization took off in Europe at the 19th Century, Imperialists rushed to Africa to ensure the natural resources necessary for powering the metropole. Violence and deep exploitation followed, completely impeding the development of the African countries.… Read More

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Shale Cowboys – Frontier Economics, Techno-Utopia, and unfettered growth

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River Sand: A Resource under Strain

INDIA’S “sand mafia” is doing a roaring trade. The Times of India estimates that the illicit market for sand is worth around 150bn rupees ($2.3bn) a year; at one site in Tamil Nadu alone, 50,000 lorryloads are mined every day and smuggled to nearby states.… Read More

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The Diamond as Big as Des Bergues

The Diamond as Big as des Bergues.
Erik Post

The Diamond in the Crown. Photograph by author.


Two desks and four security guards flank the lectern in the middle of the podium.… Read More

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Space Mining : Has a New War Begun ?

Luxembourg is the first European country to have authorised exploitation and use of natural resources in or coming from space this year, the US had been the first to implement such a legislation in 2015 through the so-called Space Act.… Read More

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Geographies of security and statehood in Norway’s ‘Battle of the North’

 The following contribution is a summary of an interesting article from Berit Kristoffersen, a political geographer and PhD student at the Department of Political Science, University of Troms , Norway. Her PhD research is on human and environmental security in Norway, in the context of the state and industry’s strategies for petroleum development in Arctic territories.
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Hydraulic fracturing in Latin America

Fracking overview: Presentation on Hydraulic fracturing in Latin AmericaRead More