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Transnational Corporations, Indigenous Peoples and the Ambiguity of the Law: Some Thoughts on Current Developments in the Area of Business and Indigenous Rights

A Judgment in South Africa

Sometimes, one’s studies and the developments of the “real world” come together in su… Read More

December 29, 2018

What is the role of Indigenous people in the fight against climate change?

Recently, I came across an interesting article entitled, “The Key role of indigenous people in global climate c… Read More

December 26, 2018

Not Your Average Indigenous

While writing about the ‘indigenous people’, one can easily fall into the trap of romanticisation and homogenisa… Read More

December 8, 2018

The Tribe who won a David and Goliath Battle – Temporality

“The Dongria Kondh tribe inspired millions when they won a ‘David and Goliath’ battle against mining giant Read More

November 28, 2018

The Politics of Indigeneity

“Where there is indigenous land, there is wealth underneath it.” – Jair Bolsonaro

President elect Bol… Read More

November 27, 2018