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Niobium Monopoly

Niobium (Nb/41) is a soft, malleable, and highly resistant superconductor metal. It naturally occurs in nature, mingled with other kinds of metallic minerals. Because it is a material that increases the level of efficiency of metallic alloys, Niobium is employed in a plethora of industrial sectors such as construction, naval, space, aeronautical, nuclear, and technological industries.… Read More

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The use of thorium for nuclear energy production

Nuclear power is the release of energy from the atomic core of radioactive elements, such as uranium, plutonium and thorium. It has military and civil use, with the latter referring to the generation of electricity for civil consumption.… Read More

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The Frontier: what is it and how is it used?

The idea of the frontier is often referred to, and employed, as an accepted concept of an empty space that is open to exploration. However, what does the ‘frontier’ actually mean?… Read More

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Presentation: The Australian Lithium Industry’s Success

On 30 October 2019, our team presented at IHEID on the state of the lithium industry in Australia. The presentation included discussions on:

  • Hard rock vs. salt brine lithium extraction and processing methods
  • Lithium processing chain steps
  • Australian national policies contributing to the Australian lithium mining’s success
  • Lithium’s market landscape
  • Lithium’s future

You can access the presentation slides as a PDF here.… Read More

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New Extraction Frontiers

This link provides a PDF version of a presentation on: New Extraction FrontiersRead More

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How Can Technologies Attenuate the Environmental Impacts of Lithium Extraction?

Lithium, a commodity of the green economy


In this green economy era, lithium has become the symbol of a new consumption paradigm, more ecofriendly and less impactful for the environment.… Read More

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Environmental Regulations: the case of the DRC

Because of the global nature of the resource extraction industry and the variety of actors involved, states are no longer the only ones to have power, and thus sovereignty, over their own land.… Read More

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Gold Extraction in Gyama Valley, Tibetan Plateau – When Narratives Clash


While the predominant view of the natural world and global environmental discourse stems from a western neoliberal legacy, the indigenous views of nature is set in a polemic opposition of this mainstream narrative.… Read More

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Role of Contingent Valuation in the Future of Deep Sea Mining

Overview of Deep Sea Mining:

Deep Sea Mining (DSM) is one of the “new extraction frontiers” likely to occur in the near future. DSM is the extraction of minerals from under the seabed, usually 500 meters below sea level.Read More