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Overview of Main Actors Enganging in Lunar Exploration and Mining


In 2013 China became the third nation to land on the moon, placing an unmanned rover successfully on the surface of the moon. This was the first landing on the moon since the Russians (formerly the Soviet Union) in the 1970s.… Read More

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The Frontier: what is it and how is it used?

The idea of the frontier is often referred to, and employed, as an accepted concept of an empty space that is open to exploration. However, what does the ‘frontier’ actually mean?… Read More

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Business and Human Rights: A Network Approach

I recently analysed Business and Human Rights data from the Universal Periodic Review using social network analysis tools. Social network analysis is a spatial and mathematical tool to understand how and why relations occur, and employs computational tools like RStudio in order to do so. Read More

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Presentation: The Australian Lithium Industry’s Success

On 30 October 2019, our team presented at IHEID on the state of the lithium industry in Australia. The presentation included discussions on:

  • Hard rock vs. salt brine lithium extraction and processing methods
  • Lithium processing chain steps
  • Australian national policies contributing to the Australian lithium mining’s success
  • Lithium’s market landscape
  • Lithium’s future

You can access the presentation slides as a PDF here.… Read More

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New Extraction Frontiers

This link provides a PDF version of a presentation on: New Extraction FrontiersRead More

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Reflections and Analysis from Christie’s Auction

Christie’s Auction: Reflections from a Master’s Student 100K in Debt


As a 25 year old graduate student from the United States, I have a little over a $100,000 of debt in my name.… Read More

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How Can Technologies Attenuate the Environmental Impacts of Lithium Extraction?

Lithium, a commodity of the green economy


In this green economy era, lithium has become the symbol of a new consumption paradigm, more ecofriendly and less impactful for the environment.… Read More

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Environmental Regulations: the case of the DRC

Because of the global nature of the resource extraction industry and the variety of actors involved, states are no longer the only ones to have power, and thus sovereignty, over their own land.… Read More

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How Green are Photovoltaic Cells?: The Environmental Consequences of Silicon Extraction in China


As a result of anthropogenic climate change, there has been increasing pressure on states, policy makers and businesses to rely on clean energy. Consequently, we see that there has been an increase in the production of clean energy from renewable sources such as wind energy, hydroelectricity and solar energy.… Read More