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In this world of technology, most of us possess electronic gadgets. But how often do we stop to think about the mineral co… Read More

December 17, 2018

Biomimicry: Nature’s Solution to Man’s Toughest Problems

Human activities have placed a great deal of stress on the planet. The overconsumption of resources has led to global wa

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December 15, 2018

Lab-grown diamonds, a sustainable choice for consumers?

Sustainability is one of the main arguments supported by synthetic diamonds manufacturers, in order to promote their … Read More

December 11, 2018

Business and human rights in the extractives sector – impressions from the 2018 UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

The UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

From 26-28thof November 2018, the United Nations Forum on Business and Huma

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December 10, 2018

Not Your Average Indigenous

While writing about the ‘indigenous people’, one can easily fall into the trap of romanticisation and homogenisa… Read More

December 8, 2018

Film review and thoughts – “Deepwater Horizon” by Peter Berg, 2016.

This movie is about the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon platform and the oil spill that happened in April 2010 in the G… Read More

December 3, 2018

Price difference of lab-created diamonds from natural diamonds

Synthetic diamonds are chemically, physically and optically identical to earth-mined diamonds, but they are man-ma… Read More

December 2, 2018

De Beers’ move into synthetic diamonds

De Beers company, the diamond pioneer that has operated mines from the Arctic to South Africa, which has convinced the w… Read More

November 28, 2018

The tribe who won a David and Goliath battle – temporarily

"The Dongria Kondh tribe inspired millions when they won a ‘David and Goliath’ battle against mining giant Vedant

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November 28, 2018

The Politics of Indigeneity

“Where there is indigenous land, there is wealth underneath it.” – Jair Bolsonaro

President elect Bol… Read More

November 27, 2018